Monday, July 8, 2019

Joe Biggs the proud boy grifter that begs for money so he could incite hate and violence

So Joe Biggs and his hateful and violent gang of proud boyys have decided to doxx me in his Bo Jiggs  facebook account. They have posted my real name, address, phone number and pictures of my house. Joe Biggs and his followers are openly encouraging violence "make him wish he was never born" and joe biggs is posting pictures of him holding a baseball bat.

Joe Biggs has a history of doxxing people who disagree with him. notice that i have never posted any private information or any type of messages encouraging violence. I have only posted public post that display his homophobia, racism, and case where he incites violence.  yes i have encouraged people to report his accounts because in most cases he is breaking their terms of membership.

facebook for some reason has refused to delete or deactivate both of his accounts which he constatly uses to doxx people. if you have time please take time to report his accounts posting inappropriate things using a fake name

Joe biggs payypal and venmo were deactivated but joe biggs has now moved to cash app

Joe biggs encouraged date rape and punching transgender people

Please report joe Biggs new Facebook account for using a fake name

Update: looks like Joe Biggs got suspended from facebook for promoting hate speech and JOE BIGGS got invited to the white house for the social media summit!! wtf?

Name: Joseph Biggs (Associated: Rogue Right Media, Borderland Alternative Media, Fiesta Realty Inc.) Address: 5820 Kingsfield Avenue El Paso, TX 79912 Secondary: 7508 19th Avenue Dr. W Bradenton, FL 34209 Previous: 11408 Fountaingrove Drive Charlotte, N.C. 28262 Previous: 806 Agua Caliente Drive El Paso, TX 79912 Telephone: (512) 820-0225, EMail:,,,, Relatives: Merissa Christine Singh Biggs (wife), Michael Ray Biggs, Kathy Miller Biggs, Laura Biggs, Michael Wayne Biggs, Mary Wright, David Rodriquez (associated)
I honestly never heard of Joe biggs before. it wasn't until recently that i started doing some research on the proud boys that his name keep popping up and his face seemed to be at every rally. for what i understand suspended from twitter for inciting violence against Antifa, Muslims, and minorities. However, he was finally banned for good when he called for the Death of antifa and straight up called for violence (for what i understand) He still has an instagram and a facebook page because facebook and instagram (both owned by Zuckerberg) are more open to racism, xenophobia, homophobia and calls for violence. in his facebook you can see him beg for money using paypal for his trips around the nation where he incites violence and xenophobia with his proud boy buddies

please dont forget to report his paypal link to paypal for promoting hate and promoting violence the report link should be at the lower part of this link
Here is joe biggs drinking some beers with the proud boy that made fun of children in cages

Here are some of his homophobic posts that he likes to post to his private instagram. i dont know why joe biggs has a twisted belief that Michelle Obama is a man. please don't forget to report his instagram profile for promoting homophobia and hate speech

here is joe biggs doxxing people who disagree with him. so he accused them of being antifa.. Please remember to report his facebook for doxxing people

here are examples of joe biggs xenophobia and islamophobia 

here is joe biggs asking for the killing of Snoop dog notice he has 1300 likes on instagram! dont forget to report his instagram for promoting hate and violence 

disclaimer.. none of this is meant to accuse anyone from being a nazzzi.. this is just meant to inform and illustrate the type of person who joe biggs is