Sunday, February 23, 2014

NEw York Daily HERE I Come!!

Another great Journalist reached out to us for permission to use our high res pictures for a quick article!!.. I'm extremely humbled that the media is picking up on this funny and first of it's kind 3d Printed Chris Christie Figurine

I really enjoyed reading this article!! please visit their page and read more about it

We were Published in the Trentonian!!

Hey guys Check This out!!

Another Great Journalist hunt me down for a quick interview and wrote a very interesting and funny article!! He even mentioned our Mr. Putin Butt Plug.. We are extremely honored that not even a day after we received our 1st prototype arrived we are getting a lot of great coverage!! 

Check out their Article in the following link 

We have been Officially been Published! in

Hello Everyone!! Check this out!!

Somehow a friend of a friend of a friend show our reddit post and images on our Imgur to a reporter in and he hunt me down in order to write an article.. Honestly, i don't know how he did it.. my information is not very obvious and easy to find out in my Shapeways page but he found it!!.. Any how please go check out the 1st article about this 3D printed Chris Christie


Help me decide what political Figure to do next

My 3d Printed Chris Christie is been a hit lately so i think i'm going to ride this out for a little bit. So now i'm going to let you weigh in my next sculpture.

Some of you have thrown out a couple of suggestion in what to make next.. Let's vote on it with this handy poll i have just created.. Just pick your option or send me an email at 

I'm already working on a couple of figures but any suggestions are welcomed. Sadly we live in a nation full of corrupt politicians engulfed with scandal so there is going to be plenty of work but i'm open to suggestions.

I'm also open to commision work so please vote on the left hand side or send me an email.

Check out the Feedback and comments on my 3d printed chris christie reddit post

I usually take most of my projects to reddit for feedback and test the market..

So far the Feedback it's been incredible.. Check out the comments and the feedback from my fellow redditors

Here is the link to purchase this little chubby guy

My Second Political Figure Mr. Putin the anti-gay ButtPlug

You can purchase this 3D printed Figure of Mr. Putin in the shape of a butt plug

or for more pictures of the process of making Mr. Putin the Butt Plug

This is the Second of my political oriented figurines. As many of you guys know Russia is bringing an all out war against the civil right of Gay people in Russia. Leading the charge is Mr. Putin and his homophobic leadership. 

I wanted to ridicule Mr. Putin so i wanted to make a voodo like doll of him so people could do whatever they wanted to Mr. Putin in the privacy of their own home.. However, what a better way to attack Mr. Putin's shirtless bear wrestling reputation? make him into the shape of a butt plug. If you guys help me make this viral this could get the attention of this homophobe and ridicule him world wide. 

(This model can only be 3d printed in sandstone color print. This is not to be used as an actual sex toy or is recommended for such use.. Sandstone is very porous and has a rough surface.. So please don't attempt such use.) We are looking to make this into an actual usable toy but we need funds and resources to manufacture this.. For the meanwhile This is meant as a decorative item and a conversation piece. 

If you think Mr. Putin should be ridiculed like this please share and tweet this item to spread the word.

Traffic-blocking Chris Christie Photoshot

Received Chris Christie and took a couple of beauty shots.. As you can see in the pictures with the bubble wrapping in the background we couldn't wait for the official photoshot..

We eventually got around getting some high res pics 

here are a couple of pics

For more of this pics go to this link IMGUR

This is the Link We posted on reddit 

3D Printed, Traffic-Directing Chris Christie The unofficial "BridgeGate" Action Figure

You can Purchase this Action-figure HERE or a smaller more affordable one HERE

I like to believe that this is the 1st fully colored 3D printed politically oriented figurine in the United States or the world. This also happens to be the 1st of my new line of political inspired desk toys or figurines. This line will be perfect for those Political Geeks and who want some extra flare for their desk to establish the political dominion at their office. 

We all heard the story from Chris Christie making fun of the Washington bridge scandal.. He joked that he was wearing a construction vest and putting down cones directing traffic. Christie also denied any knowledge of such scandal. He also asserted the 1st time he heard about Bridgegate is after he got out of the Gym. When i heard this interview the 1st thing that came to my mind was Chris Christie goes to the gym? sheesh... The second thing it was a very disturbing mental picture of a goofy Chris Christie wearing a cone on his head with a construction vest directing traffic. 

thanks to 21st century technology now i can make this funny yet sad mental picture of this corrupt elected official a hand held desk figurine for your office environment enjoyment. 

Now you can own your own traffic directing Chris Christie along with a sign that says hey everyone this is not a political retribution.. this is just a "Traffic Study" 

So if you know anyone who was stuck in traffic for those horrible 5 days... give them one of these guys. Do you know any democrat who voted for this guy? give them one of this. Do you know any republican who said this guy was their white shining knight for 2016? give them one of this.. Are you a political junkie who needs a morning laughter every morning to cheer you on when you get to your desk? Get one of this guys!!. 

This guy is been modeled almost to scale... actually this was modeled to "scale" just like the shutdown of the washington bridge was a "traffic study" 

This is also the first and probably the last Presidential figurine of Chris Christie... so get them while they last

Artist Introduction

My name is Fernando Sosa and i'm a 3D artist and i specialize in rapid prototyping and 3D printed Figurines. 

You can Find out more about me on the following Shapeways Interview 

Here is The Interview 


Today we are celebrating Fernando Sosa for his 3D modeling skills, sense of humor, and ability to quickly turn a trending topic into a 3D printed desk top toy and figurine.

You may have seen his Chris Christie directing traffic BridgeGate figurine this week on NJ.comNY Daily NewsMSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews or other media outlets. Well, Fernando offers even more 3D printed products in his Shapeways shop, Amznfx, including all-in-one custom iPhone cases, accessories and other figurines.

We chatted with Fernando to better understand the inspiration behind his figurine and his design process.
What inspired you to create this model?  
I wanted to make something unique, of my own, and I liked politics and always wanted to make political figurines. I had an idea for Obama, but it wasn’t "hot." When I was watching Gov. Chris Christie’s interview, he mentioned cones, overalls, and I got a mental picture of him wearing a construction vest directing traffic and just started modeling. 
How long did it take and what 3D software do you use?
About 40-50 hours. My figurines are original and copyrighted and so it's a worthy use of my time.  I use Maya, Meshlab, sometimes Netfabb, but I tried almost everything out there.
How did you get into 3D printing?
I learned 3D modeling in school, but I learned most of what I use today on my own. I have always worked in design, and had an idea for a custom iPhone case (iPhone case + wallet + money clip + bottle opener), which was almost impossible to make. So, I decided to try 3D printing it — that was the first thing I ever 3D printed with Shapeways and I was really happy with it. I now also have my own 3D printer and run a prototyping company called nuPROTO.
Why do you use a 3D printing service like Shapeways if you own a 3D printer?
For prototypes and things I need right away, I use my 3D printer at home. You guys have the highest quality and can print in detail that home printers can't. I find it valuable to be able to use both.
How would you describe Shapeways to a friend?
3D printing for the everyday guy. You don’t have to know how to model, you can just find something you like and buy it. 
Want to see more of Fernando’s designs? Check out his shop or his prototyping company, nuPROTO.