Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Airbnb review on preciosa casa en Juriquilla Queretaro

Avenida Santa Rosa, colonia Juriquilla 5080 int 16A, Queretaro, Queretaro 76230, Mexico

I stayed in a house with airbnb with my cousin and my wife.

The shower for my room had only cold water and because we were in a rush me and my wife had to take cold showers.

The blind on our window was broken and everyone around could see into our room when we changed and when we sleep.

On Sunday My wife had shampooed her hair and couldn’t rinse it because there was no electricity for the water pump and hence no water in the whole house.  no power or water until about 12 pm which delayed our trip to a nearby town which we planned for early in the morning.

During the whole day on Sunday I tried calling the host and Airbnb because we had no power and no water. The host never picked up my calls and any calls from Airbnb. 

We called the power company and 3 other phone numbers that were listed in the front door and again no one picked up.. 

We figured out that the boiler was off and that’s why there was no hot water in the whole house the day before. Thinking I would have hot water we jumped in our shower once the power came back in. And again only cold water came out!! After further inspection I believe the shower is not correctly installed and hence why we had no water.

I tried taking a shower downstairs on Monday. Since I really wanted a hot shower.. again the shower seems to be installed incorrectly as it would give you very hot water or really cold water but nothing in between!! 

In the second floor there was a musky smell of shit and we thought it was the toilet. However, after further inspection it appears the drain on the sink has no elbow and hence no way to block the smell of shit from coming up from the pipes.

The whole house has no air conditioning and not a single fan!! The house looks like it was build by an imbecile as there were exposed wires on the ceiling lights, the sinks and drains had really shoddy piping and that’s why the house smelled like shit.
I didn’t even attempt to use the washer as previous reviews say the washer doesn’t even work.

I would like to put this review on the Airbnb page for this rental but I’m not allowed because only the main renter is allowed to put a review. So I’m putting this on my blog so everyone can see this review.

I’m not very happy with air bnb right now Ass I believe I should also be able to write a review specially since I had such a horrible experience.