Monday, October 21, 2019

David Dempsey and That’s The point with Brandon Recor history of hate crimes and violence

The Santa Monica pepper spray attack by a MAGA wearing bigot is not the first crime committed by David Dempsey and Brandon Recor. 

David Dempsey and Brandon Recor from That’s the point with Brandon YouTube channel have a history of commuting hate crimes and beating up people for YouTube views.

Hate crimes like this happens because not only youtube encourages these attacks but monetizes them by paying these right wing grifters money per views.

This new wave of right wing is being called “hate for views”. Brandon Recor and his band of bigots have assaulted people at gay pride parades. Have abused children and gay people at libraries and the list goes on and on.

We been trying to shut down his YouTube channel and bigots like him but YouTube is dragging their feet.

Attacks like these won’t cease from happening until the police and the California DA puts these criminals in jail or youtube de monetize and deletes their YouTube channels.