Wednesday, December 28, 2016

China and Amazon are knocking off myTrump Pencil Holders

So i was contacted by a 3D printing Artist who told me some chinese company was trying to make copies of my Trump pencil holder. Here is a link to my original art piece

He gave me screenshots of the company and their contact info. He said out of respect he decided to turn down the work as he is familiar with my work.

email: HuiZhou CYBERICH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. SHUNJU GROUP, QIU CHANG, HUI YANG DISTRICT,HUIZHOU CITY, GuangDong 516221, China 惠州市钜宝实业有限公司 地址:广东惠州惠阳区秋长茶园顺居小组 Tel:+86-0752-5957623 Fax:+86-0752-5957618 phone:+86-180 0308 0739 skype:felen106 Best regards

The aholes are even using my renders and my pictures to sell the copies 

This wasn't a big deal because it would take an order of thousands and many people aren't willing to do that. But the other day i saw two different people selling these knock offs on Amazon

And this other ahole just added a hat and a base but is essentially the same company and same mold 

i contacted Amazon and they didn't seem to care after i told them they are selling cheap knock offs of my work.

AFter further research and notifying the company that i know that they are bootlegging my product. The chinese company took down the first product. However, the same company put up one with a hat. In the box the manufacturers claim they are some mexican guy who hates trump. However, as you can see it's just some chinese company pretending to be Some random mexican guy.

The fact is that this chinese company is selling bootlegs of my original artwork and they just put a hat on it. If you know any copyright lawyer that might be interested in fighting this case with me please let me know.. my art pieces are registered with the copyright office and it should be very easy to take these asshole down

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump Punching Bag at Clermont Lake Minneola Half Marathon and Destruction of private property

So i was doing what i always do when my wife runs her Half and full marathons... I was cheering for her and other passing runners.

Recently i have stepped up my cheering by bringing my Donald Trump Punching Bag along and having Runner take a power punch.

So far i have brought this Punching bag to the New york Marathon where Alicia keys mentioned it in an interview. The Miami Full marathon, the Ormond Beach full marathon and the Clermont Half Marathon.

New York, Miami went great.. thousands of people punched the Trump punching bag.. In Miami three adults punched it so hard and all at the same time that they puncture it!..

Anyways at Lake Minneola is where things got interesting. I decided against carrying the bag around and instead decided to fill it up the weight section and let the self standing mechanism do it's work. This way i would be able to record people punching it so i can use the video for promotional purposes. Since i'm in florida and surrounded by trailer trash and people stupid enough to vote for Rick Scott i keep my $59.99 Trump punching bag close.

At my 3rd stop i was located by mile 7 and 11 (it was a loop race).. After giving my wife a kiss someone asked me to take a picture of her at mile 7 marker and one with my punching bag. While I was distracted taking a picture of a happy runner i saw someone in an orange shirt and a 411 bib number approach my punching bag. This Trump Supporter grabbed my punching bag and launched into this area full of bushes, laughed and keep on running.

At this point i grabbed my camera to follow him to record his bib number, face and other identifying features since he just damaged my personal Property. Not sure why he believed it was ok to grab my property without permission and damage it because he didn't like my point of view and didn't appreciate my freedom of speech.

Here is the video of the race and screenshots of the guy.

you can see videos of me at the New York City Marathon

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

inside of a trump supporter mind

this is a crazy insight of a Trump supporter mind.. just read this

Forrest Taylor 

The establishment is committed to destroying America, and they will say and do anything to bring that about. Thus, in addition to telling us that saving America is simply immoral, they are also telling us that it is not practical. It is just too expensive. Thus the media are reporting claims that deporting 11 million illegal aliens would cost $100 to $200 billion. And since there are probably closer to 22 million illegals here, those costs would have to be doubled.

Here’s how to answer these claims.

1. Don’t quibble about the numbers or methods or agendas of these studies, because you will lose 99% of your audience immediately. Instead, attack two implicit premises: (1) that this is just “too much money,” and (2) that deportation would have to be carried out by the government to begin with.

2. Deportation might cost $200 billion. But doing nothing will cost us our country. Isn’t America worth $200 billion to save?

3. If saving America is not worth $200 billion, then why are we spending three times that amount on national defense in 2015 alone?

4. If 20 million foreign soldiers were to cross our borders, and our political class said that it is just too expensive to repulse them — so maybe we should offer them jobs, welfare, amnesty, and citizenship instead — we would conclude that our leaders are traitors and should be replaced. Well, illegal immigration is just invasion and colonization inslow motion. Which means that Americans are only slowly concluding that our leaders are traitors and should be replaced. But once they arrive at that conclusion, the traitors’ days are numbered.

5. According to one estimate, illegal immigration costs the US government more than $100 billion/year. So even if it cost $200 billion one time to send them all back, the program would pay for itself in 2 years.

6. The government will admit to 5.5% unemployment, just like they will admit to 11 million illegal aliens. In truth, both numbers are much higher. Deporting 20+ million illegal aliens will fix unemployment in two ways. First, it will open up jobs for unemployed American workers. Second, if it really does cost $200 billion, that money will be spent employing Americans. What’s wrong with that? Liberals and conservatives both wax nostalgic about FDR’s great public works projects in the 1930s. Let’s put Americans back to work.

7. The idea that America simply can’t save itself is an insult to the American people. If Americans could put a man on the moon, then we can secure our borders. Of course, some of the same people who are pooh-poohing the very possibility of saving America believe that they can bring liberal democracy to the Muslim world. It is time to simply stop listening to these people.

8. The establishment wants us to believe that immigration is simply a force of nature, and that it only goes one way. Both premises are false. Immigration exists because of political policies, which can be changed. And if it is possible for people to come here, then it is possible for them to leave. Roads lead into Mexico, as well as out of it. People can drive, walk, and swim South, as well as North. Planes fly to Africa and Asia as well as from them.

9. Not only is it possible for immigrants to leave, it is possible for them to leave the same way that they came. Most immigrants were not brought here by the US government. Therefore, most immigrants do not need to be sent back by the government.

10. Many immigrants arrive here due to sponsorship by churches and other private organizations. The same infrastructure can be used to help resettle them in their homelands. The people who enjoy generous salaries and social recognition for helping the invaders will have a choice: either join the army of the unemployed (which they helped to create) or keep their jobs by promoting emigration.

11. Most immigrants arrive here on their own initiative and on their own dime. They come here because they have incentives to do so. They can find better employment and social welfare benefits in the US than in their homelands. Thus all the US government need do is make it impossible for illegal aliens to obtain work and benefits in the US. Once they have incentives to return home, they will deport themselves.

12. What about family reunification? Simple: deport the whole family. Why does family reunification only work one way? Why not reunify them with their families in Mexico or the Philippines or Ghana?

Fernando Sosa

wow i thought that Trump's immigration plan was batshit crazy. Seems like you are more delusional than Trump himself.. Did you find these talking points somewhere or did you come up with this all by yourself? if you got these from a website i would love to read more about this.. This is full of the most incredible crap i have yet to hear from a Trump supporter.. i'm actually copying this down and saving it for prosperity.. i might even write a blog about this... This is beautiful.. is like an insight into demented brain of a Trump Supporter.. You are actually saying that the Trillion with a T cost of deporting 11 million immigrants not only would not cost that much but will actually be somehow repaid by mass deportation itself!! You are suggesting some kind of revolution based on traitor government officials who somehow serve undocumented immigrants, deploying American soldiers in American Soil as some kind of border defense.. have a little bit of Mitt Romney's Self Deportation.. a splash of unsupported numbers that undocumented immigrants actually cost america money.. Somehow churches sponsor undocumented immigrants.. somehow claim mass deportation would be equal to FDR's post great depression infrastructure jobs program and landing on the moon.. wow.. i would usually love to debate each and every one of your points you just stated here.. but i wouldn't want this beautiful sample of naivety and ignorance to be altered in any form.. At some point you have to step back and let fools be fools and allow them to live in their own world.. like i said i'm copying this and saving it in my computer.. i want to be able to read this to my kids and tell them THESE ARE THE KIND PEOPLE WHO SUPPORTED TRUMP..

Forrest Taylor The feeling you're experiencing right now is called "Being convinced." You want something else I wrote?

Fernando Sosa i call it being amused by ignorance.. so you indeed came up with this whole thing all by yourself?.. wow.. yes please tell me where did you get that churches and organizations are sponsoring undocumented immigration.. did you just make that whole thing up all up on your head or you read that somewhere?

Forrest Taylor
The phenomenon is particularly pronounced for Somalis in Minnesota.

Forrest Taylor Immigration doesn’t have to be a problem. In a healthy society, immigrants will be encouraged to assimilate to the majority culture, and after a brief period of disorientation will be just as successful and well-adapted as everyone else.

Fernando Sosa oh wow i see!! you don't seem to understand the difference between LEGAL immigration and UNDOCUMENTED immigration!! oh wow.. so i'm assuming you think the churches are sponsoring undocumented immigrants because you don't know the difference.. so because the churches bring in LEGAL immigrants you think they should somehow pay for people to get DEPORTED.. oh wow this is wonderful stuff bro please TELL ME MORE..

Forrest Taylor Is there any such thing as illegal immigration

Fernando Sosa i think you messed up that question.. can you repeat

Fernando Sosa oh yes it can..

Forrest Taylor Are there illegal immigrants in America? If so, what did they do?
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Fernando Sosa so you still think that churches are sponsoring illegal immigration
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Forrest Taylor Answer my question.
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Fernando Sosa i like to call them undocumented immigrants but yeah go ahead
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Forrest Taylor Why do you like calling them that?
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Fernando Sosa because there is no such thing as an illegal human being.. we don't call people who get ticketed for driving "illegal drivers" but you are changing the subject.. tell me more how churches sponsor illegal immigration <- using your terms here.. just so you don't get confused
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Fernando Sosa did you even click the links you provided in the link you send me?
Forrest Taylor They generally sponsor legal immigration. I think you misread my post.
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Fernando Sosa oh wow.. so they sponsor LEGAL immigration so they must pay for the deportation of ILLEGAL immigration?.. again using your own terms..
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Forrest Taylor If someone didn't have a driver's license I would call them an illegal driver, not an undocumented driver. The important thing isn't whether they're documented, it's whether they're breaking the law.
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Fernando Sosa weird this is not what you responded earlier.. did you not understand the question? seems very clear to me...

 Fernando Sosa i call it being amused by ignorance.. so you indeed came up with this whole thing all by yourself?.. wow.. yes please tell me where did you get that churches and organizations are sponsoring undocumented immigration.. did you just make that whole thing up all up on your head or you read that somewhere?
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Forrest Taylor
Forrest Taylor
The phenomenon is particularly pronounced for Somalis in Minnesota.

Let Me Google That For You
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Fernando Sosa you are changing the subject.. i already agreed to using your terms.. but looks like you already backing away from your earlier post..