Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trump supporter Matthew Jonathan Sherman holds sign that says “gay asian with aids lives here” next to my house

This is a perfect example of what happens when the Nextdoor app lets racist, homophobes, and idiots run rampant on their app.
This guy has been harassing me along with his online lynch mob for years.
It all started when you guess it started. During the Trump election. Trumpsters who were using the nextdoor app to promote cheetolini and claim Hillary was a traitor.
I first remember learning about Matthew Jonathan Sherman the day I posted a post about someone stealing my yards signs.
He claimed that I deserved it** and it’s my fault because he finds the yard signs offensive. Him and his lynch mob turned on me and spammed my post. Then they got the post deleted by the complicit admins and I never found out if anyone saw anything. This is when I was informed that Matt Sherman was living with his parents and loves being a keyboard warrior.
Pretty much this became a thing that matt Sherman and his racist buddies would do. I posted an actual VIDEO of some stealing my yard sign and the lynch mob called me every name on the book and once again got my post deleted and I wasn’t able to identify the guy on the video without the help of the neighborhood.
Mind you that this is the same app where people once posted about two “suspicious” African American children on bikes behind the local bike store and the post escalated to people needing to arm themselves to protect the neighborhood against “these” people. Hundreds of comments and was the post deleted? Hell no! If anything the only comments that got deleted were the comments of an African American neighbor who called these people racists. The post lingered there in there for weeks and I’m pretty sure still there.
This app lets racist/ homophobes/ and idiots have their little circle jerk and pretty makes online lynch mobs run rampant. When I contacted the local admins I found two high school children being admins. One clearly was some alt right asshole who said “he wishes he could get me banned from the app”
The problem with Nextdoor app harboring and nurturing racists/ homophobes and idiots run rampant is that they embolden each other and they literally know where you live!
Nextdoor by default gives everyone your address  unless you change it. So when Matthew Sherman started his little online lynch mob against me because I dared to post a video someone stealing my property in hopes of identifying the culprit. He knew where I lived. So he told everyone in the neighborhood to report my house to code enforcement and pretty much were using them as their private enforcement force. I was reported by having my grass too long, my car not being moved, my yard signs and pretty much anything I could be reported for.
I stopped posting videos or pictures because only racist pictures of “suspicious” people were allowed. My posts of actual Thieves were no longer acceptable unless I wanted the Lynch mob to come and blame me and my political views for people stealing my property.
One time I posted a video trying to identify an ahole lady who tried to steal one of my signs but couldn’t because it was full of push pins (my new deterrent). The next door lynch mob accused me of trying to publicly shame the thief I kid you not. Again the post was deleted.
Again this is an app that suppose to help solve crime and post about missing cats dogs. But only those approved by the racist admins can post without repercussions.
After establishing some history here is what lead to mark Sherman coming to my house with his homophobic / racists / libelous sign.
OnJuly 6 or 7 couple of nice old ladies where kindly asking the neighbors to stop doing fireworks past 12 am as some have nervous pets or you know people have to work the next day. After reading a story of a friend who’s mother has dementia is extremely freaked out by fireworks i decided to respond to the people berating these ladies and pretty much told them to fuck off. At this point Mark Sherman and his little online lynchmob had became irate and saying that fireworks at any time is their America god given right and if you don’t like it put some ear plugs on your dogs.
When I spoke against the nextdoor lynch mob I was greeted with racist/ homophobic / libelous comments after I told Mar Sherman to stop being a keyboard warrior and stop leeching off his parents and maybe get a job and move out of his parents house since matt is already 34.

Apparently exposing someone who is trying to act like a bad ass online as a mama’s boy is a big no no. The guy called me every name on the book until he got tired. Again the 5 complicit admins did nothing about it. Let me remind you that when I posted about my stolen property my posts were deleted in less than an hour.
So after threatening me with a fight and “let’s meet somewhere” I ignored Matt and his lynch mob and I went to sleep. I went on my day and did some shopping at the hardware store.
Came into my house and Mark was sitting outside my house around 6 pm when I went to get some stuff out of my car. It startled me to see this guy in a lawn chair on my sidewalk with a huge smile on his face. Mark was super proud of his sign.

When matt launched his homophobic insults on the next door app a lot of my LGBT neighbors got really angry because of his insults claimed that I was gay and that I had AIDS. He also joked about how his parents were proud and that my parents probably kicked me out because I was gay. Not sure what kind of sick ahole thing that is such insult is acceptable or even funny.
So when he showed up with his signs I was extremely angry not because he was outing me but because he was trying to reinforces the horrible stereotype that all gay people have AIDS. Also when he said I hate America I felt like he was trying to say I’m some type of terrorist.
I honestly I don’t think the word gay to be insulting so I wouldn’t care if he thought I was gay because I support gay rights. I been called “illegal” because I don’t support putting children in cages. So I’m used to this petty shit online not in real life. However the part that made me angry was the whole AIDS part because I have said before that part hurt the feelings of an LGBT neighbor who saw his insult online.
So I did what I usually do when I’m confronted racist/ trump supporters do when I’m out in public.. I laughed in his face. I tried to make sure that whoever was watching his video stream knew that I don’t give a fuck about them or their racists / homophobic harassment. I will not be intimidated or scared of asshole and keyboard warriors. I think he was trying to intimidate me and I wanted to make sure he didn’t think he succeeded. I ordered him around with authority and told him to turn his sign over and over and he complied like the little bitch he is. I don’t think he noticed but if he was trying to appear tough and manly he failed miserably. Not sure where he was video streaming me and my house to and I haven’t been able to find out. I’m guessing some Local INCEL online community. Some other asshole showed up I’m guessing to join his little protest but after ignoring him for a little while he eventually took his cheap Walmart lawn chair and left about 2 hours after he arrived.
So you think that would be the end of it. Nope it gets better. I go on nextdoor and post the pictures of this racist/ homophobic / libelous asshole. This is obviously a crime/ hate speech / and a very asshole thing to do. This would be welcomed because you would think that every neighbor would want to be aware of this nutcase. This is way better than complaining about some “suspicious” person walking down the street. So again people are shocked, appalled, and distraught someone could be such an asshole. Some offer assistance and ideas in how to deal with this asshole. Some offer to come over and make sure that this guy doesn’t get out of hand. (I posted this before he left)
I say that this is what happens when admins let racist / homophobic / asshole run rampant in nextdoor unchecked. I tell them that admins and nextdoor not only harbors but nurtured this kind of behavior. Then once again the post takes a turn and the lynch mob starts lighting their torches. Fernando you must have done something to deserve this because matt is a good person. You insulted him the other day so he is obviously responding ( when I told people he lived with his parents). Is his freedom of speech. My post gets reported for being offensive!!
So what do the admins do? Instead of removing the comments attacking me or supporting matt Sherman and his bigoted views they decide to do what these complicit admins have been doing for years. They decide that racism / homophobia and the online lynch mob would be better served by hiding it under the Carpet and delete the entire post. The admins think that matt Sherman is not the problem. The admins think that I’m the problem.. exposing their failures as admins and exposing the problems within the nextdoor app is the problem and silencing opposition is the best option.
This is not a story about a trump supporter being a racist/ homophobic  libelous asshole. That doesn’t even make the local 5 o’clock news in Trump’s America. I think this is a story about a social media app (nextdoor) that harbors and nurtures these type of assholes. However, what makes this social media app very dangerous is that it lets people know where you live!

And finally to answer your questions I’m not asian I’m Mexican, I’m not gay but i support gay rights, I don’t have AIDS and I fucking love America and fireworks. The only thing about this guy’s sign is true is that I fucking hate Donald trump and assholes like matt Sherman

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Airbnb review on preciosa casa en Juriquilla Queretaro

Avenida Santa Rosa, colonia Juriquilla 5080 int 16A, Queretaro, Queretaro 76230, Mexico

I stayed in a house with airbnb with my cousin and my wife.

The shower for my room had only cold water and because we were in a rush me and my wife had to take cold showers.

The blind on our window was broken and everyone around could see into our room when we changed and when we sleep.

On Sunday My wife had shampooed her hair and couldn’t rinse it because there was no electricity for the water pump and hence no water in the whole house.  no power or water until about 12 pm which delayed our trip to a nearby town which we planned for early in the morning.

During the whole day on Sunday I tried calling the host and Airbnb because we had no power and no water. The host never picked up my calls and any calls from Airbnb. 

We called the power company and 3 other phone numbers that were listed in the front door and again no one picked up.. 

We figured out that the boiler was off and that’s why there was no hot water in the whole house the day before. Thinking I would have hot water we jumped in our shower once the power came back in. And again only cold water came out!! After further inspection I believe the shower is not correctly installed and hence why we had no water.

I tried taking a shower downstairs on Monday. Since I really wanted a hot shower.. again the shower seems to be installed incorrectly as it would give you very hot water or really cold water but nothing in between!! 

In the second floor there was a musky smell of shit and we thought it was the toilet. However, after further inspection it appears the drain on the sink has no elbow and hence no way to block the smell of shit from coming up from the pipes.

The whole house has no air conditioning and not a single fan!! The house looks like it was build by an imbecile as there were exposed wires on the ceiling lights, the sinks and drains had really shoddy piping and that’s why the house smelled like shit.
I didn’t even attempt to use the washer as previous reviews say the washer doesn’t even work.

I would like to put this review on the Airbnb page for this rental but I’m not allowed because only the main renter is allowed to put a review. So I’m putting this on my blog so everyone can see this review.

I’m not very happy with air bnb right now Ass I believe I should also be able to write a review specially since I had such a horrible experience.