Tuesday, April 9, 2019

CREALITY CR-10S PRO 3d printer review

The Y axis is constantly off and there is no way to fix it. i tried loosening the bolts as instructed but the axis still off


the extruder was very loose and it needed a lot of tightening and a lot of research to set up properly.

the leveling in my opinion is useless and in many times makes everything worse. It took me hours to get the sensor to get between 2mm of the printing bed.

after many hours wasted i got it to work within 2 mm of the printing bed but it's constantly off.. sometimes 1.4 mm too low or 1.14 too high.
Printer quit printing after printing 35hrs on a 70hr print job.

No reason why



Printer won’t retain z axis and will change every time I print something.

I have adjusted the sensor for hours and it won’t work properly.







in my last print job the sensor was so off the extruder damaged my printing bed and now has a huge gash around the middle of it

i been messaging creality on their facebook page and via messenger like advised on their page but they don't reply