Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton - The 1st color 3D printed Female President

You guys probably have heard that Obama was considered the 1st 3D scanned and 3D printed President.

The Smithsonian actually claimed it was the "1st 3d printed Presidential Portrait" which actually factually incorrect. Since I was the 1st person to 3D print portraits of President Putin in butt plug forms in response to his homophobic views and laws passed in Russia. The Smithsonian should changed the title of that to the "1st 3D printed Presidential Portrait of an American President" but no biggie.

Anyways i'm reviving my blog after couple of weeks of silence to announce that I'm officially releasing the "1st Color 3D printed Presidential Portrait of the 1st Female American President". Yes i know i'm calling it too soon but judging by the clowns coming out of the Republican Clown car i think Mrs. Clinton Has this on the Bag. 

 Let's look at the Alternatives we have Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and George Bush.. i mean Jeb Bush. All which are Finger puppets of the Koch Bros who care nothing about the American People. So am i early on calling it? probably but i think Hillary is safe unless Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Decide to run.

Anyways I usually go after republicans and homophobes when i do political sculptures and try to keep them meme related. I usually like to do some political commentary and explain the inspiration behind the piece. However, i usually don't do Democrats since I don't want to piss off my costumer base and my fellow liberals. However, this time i decided to do Hillary Clinton because i figured anyone would love strong and powerful desk piece to keep them motivated at the office or desk. This piece is inspired by the famous #textsfromHillary meme on the internet that went viral a couple of years ago.

This Piece will remind you to stay strong and motivate you to volunteer and get involved in this election. Remember the only way democrats can loose is if we don't go and vote or we don't get other people to vote. So get yourself one or two for your house and office... Get one for your fellow Hillary Supporters and get one of this for your friends who like to volunteer during election Season. 

We can't afford for a Republican to take office and we can't afford another Bush in the house.