Wednesday, December 28, 2016

China and Amazon are knocking off myTrump Pencil Holders

So i was contacted by a 3D printing Artist who told me some chinese company was trying to make copies of my Trump pencil holder. Here is a link to my original art piece

He gave me screenshots of the company and their contact info. He said out of respect he decided to turn down the work as he is familiar with my work.

email: HuiZhou CYBERICH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. SHUNJU GROUP, QIU CHANG, HUI YANG DISTRICT,HUIZHOU CITY, GuangDong 516221, China 惠州市钜宝实业有限公司 地址:广东惠州惠阳区秋长茶园顺居小组 Tel:+86-0752-5957623 Fax:+86-0752-5957618 phone:+86-180 0308 0739 skype:felen106 Best regards

The aholes are even using my renders and my pictures to sell the copies 

This wasn't a big deal because it would take an order of thousands and many people aren't willing to do that. But the other day i saw two different people selling these knock offs on Amazon

And this other ahole just added a hat and a base but is essentially the same company and same mold 

i contacted Amazon and they didn't seem to care after i told them they are selling cheap knock offs of my work.

AFter further research and notifying the company that i know that they are bootlegging my product. The chinese company took down the first product. However, the same company put up one with a hat. In the box the manufacturers claim they are some mexican guy who hates trump. However, as you can see it's just some chinese company pretending to be Some random mexican guy.

The fact is that this chinese company is selling bootlegs of my original artwork and they just put a hat on it. If you know any copyright lawyer that might be interested in fighting this case with me please let me know.. my art pieces are registered with the copyright office and it should be very easy to take these asshole down