Monday, January 7, 2019

My theory that Trump supporters are losers, racists or/and incels envious of "illegals"

I have a running theory that trump supporters are not just racists. They are just literally losers envious of brown people and they think all brown people are "illegals". think about it.. trump supporters are always bitching about "illegals" being on welfare and abusing the system.

They can't understand how a brown person is living a better life or a similar life than they do. These Trump supporters were born in america and had every chance of being successful but somehow managed to fuck up their lives. As they stand behind some brown person at walmart who they assume is an "illegal" buying the same or even better food than they do they automatically assume that they must be in food stamps and are probably abusing the system. In their loser minds they can't fathom that a brown person is living a similar life or even a better life then they are without cheating.

So they assume that they must have a leg up on them because they are on welfare. Think about it they think that if all these brown people are kicked out of "their" country they think that somehow their failed life would somehow get better. Somehow these dropouts would get a better job or the government would have enough money so they can also get food stamps or welfare. These people are literally envious of the lives they think undocumented people live.

They think undocumented people risk getting deported to get housing assistance, get medicaid and get on food stamps. They think undocumented people get free healthcare, free food and free obama iphones!. These trump supporters are literally envious and angry of people who they think are on welfare. I talked to enough trump supporters to back up my claims. yes a lot of them are racist who think the white race is superior and we must not let in brown people in. However, in 70% of the times i talked to trump supporters i noticed that they are racists because they are envious of people of color. They think that the reason their lives suck is because brown people have somehow taken jobs, welfare or opportunities away from them.

The other 10% are actually the worst of trump supporters. They are racists because a combination of being envious and being incels. This one kind of freaked me out when i saw it happening. These racist trump supporters want brown and black people out of america because they cant get laid!!.. they think that if somehow trump kicks all the brown and black people out they somehow they would finally get a girl. They blame other races for not being able to find a girl.. so in conclusion there is a lot of types of people who support trump's racist policies.. but if you think about it.. they are all losers somehow and they blame other for their failures and their shitty lives.. they will continue to be losers and idiots even when trump gets impeached.. so my hope these trump supporters will crawl into the hole they crawled out of when trump is gone.