Saturday, March 22, 2014

Poll Results for March

So i know the poll suppose to be done at the end of march, However, it looks like i can model faster than the poll results..

For a Minute Ted Cruz was winning so i started to model him.. And was able to finish him before th poll was over as you can see in my finish piece here.. Also you can purchase him below.. He is my little Canadian Raft rowing, Tea Party Bomb Throwing, manchurian candidate Ted cruz

I jumped the Gun because Ted Cruz was winning by such margins.. but as you can see by a wopping 39 votes the winner is Rush Limbaugh!!!

So dont worry guys.. i started to 3d model him and i have a great idea for him that my political junkies will enjoy!!... I reached out to and his followers for ideas and to see if they want to feature it on their group but i got no response.. oh well..

So keep your eyes peeled.. the Rush Limbaugh is coming soon!!

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