Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My 3D printed Chris Christie Action figure got featured in MSNBC's Hardball

So i was told by a producer that my 3d printed chris christie might get featured in Chris Matthews on MSNBC!!.. it wasn't a definite thing so i sat and watched every second to make sure i didn't miss it.. I was worried they might not even have it on..

BUT they aired it!!!

The link in the graphic says shapeways.com which is great publicity to shapeways.com but my store is actually Shapeways.com/shops/amznfx .. Your Welcome shapeways!! anyways besides that i'm beyond psyched i got that famous laughter out of chris matthews!! That made my week!!

You can see the show on MSNBC's website in the following link


or you can watch it in my youtube channel

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