Friday, March 28, 2014

Maddow Talks about how Obama is attacking Putin's Ego sounds like a good idea how about a butt plug

Obama has some great political minds working for him. So i'm not sure who is idea was it to attack Putin's ego but i like to say he is fucking Genius. However, i think they are a couple of weeks too late? whatcha think?

Is not secret that this homophobic Russian President spends a lot of time and money on his shirtless bear wrestling reputation. So When i wanted to attack him and ridicule him i knew the best way was to attack his reputation. How many tigers or bears do you think he will have to kill (after sedating them) in order to fight back against the Putin Butt plug?

I think if you guys keep helping me make this viral we can damage the reputation of Putin enough to at least piss him off. Just imagine his security detail, secretaries, assistants all laughing behind his back because looking at Putin reminds them of my Putin Butt plug.

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