Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My interview with Channel 12 news

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Who would of imagined that something i made as a hobby blew up so quick!!.. I posted on reddit in the morning and the next day i was published in a bunch of websites..

I also got calls from channel 12 news and while doing an interview with a journalist over the phone i let MSNBC go to voicemail!! i can't believe i did that!!.. but i now have a voicemail that is never getting deleted!!

I called them back and asked me a couple of questions and said they will try to sqush me in that night's show but there was no promises..

So that same day i gerryrigged a tripod ipad holder.. for my skype interview with channel 12 new in new jersey.

and by 2:30 i did the interview!!

Please understand this is my 1st time on TV.. This is my 1st interview!!.. so i was extremely nervous.. You can tell i'm extremely nervous because i ramble a lot and my ACCENT gets HUGE!!..

i'm not too happy with this interview because my answers are horrible.. and my accent is huge.. but hey i was on TV!!

so here is.. try not to laugh to hard

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