Sunday, March 9, 2014

Phil Robertson the racist homophobic Plug

Get Yours here Phil Robertson Butt plug or get the one with sunglasses here Phil Robertson Butt plug w/ sunglasses

For more pics and the process of making this go to my imgur album

Sadly America has the attention span of a goldfish. Companies like A&E and televisions channels with bigoted TV stars count on this much. That's why they suspended Phil Robertson instead of canceling the show hoping the outrage would die out. Which sadly happened when Kim Kay did something stupid or someone flashed a nipple. Also while people were distracted the religious right banded together in support their new homophobic saint Phil Robertson. After a bit of Chick Fil-a style activism Phil was not only not suspended but was given an apology and his show back. Even Sarah Palin is now claiming "We Won".

I have no idea how this flamboyant crew managed to fool America into thinking they were white trash rednecks from louisiana but they did. Also I'm not sure what it takes to become a religious right saint but they managed to become martyrs by making racists comments, advocating pedhophilia while bashing gay americans with a bible.

The premise behind this Phil Robertson Butt plug is the same behind the Putin Butt Plug. Is to create a voodoo style figure of Phil that people can use to ridicule him in the privacy of their own home. I'm hoping the picture of people doing this keeps this homophobic A&E star awake at night. Hopefully by ridiculing Phil Robertson and anyone who thinks is perfectly fine to bash minorities using the bible people will think twice before doing so. If you want to be a bigoted homophobic ahole you should suffer the consequences and should be ridiculed for doing so. If making your image into the shape of a butt plug is not a deterrent for other people to make homophobic and racist statements on national TV.. I honestly don't know what will do the trick.

I'm Extremely happy how this model came out.. I was able to find some high res pictures of Phil so the detail on this is going to be very impressive. I also made my own camo pattern that contains a couple of hidden symbols.. so look extra hard ;-)

Looks like The internet loved the Putin plug.. so i hope this is 1/10th as successful and gathers attention to the actions of A&E.

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