Monday, February 9, 2015

setting up a legal fund at gofundme

Visit my legal fund at Please Use hashtag #3Dleftshark wen talking about this case in the social media

As You know Certain Celebrity send their lawyers after me. Not going to say who it is but rhymes with Merry. Anyways these lawyers who also happen to represent people trying to supress marriage equality in florida ( Claim they own the rights of anything depicted in a half time show.. including a Blue aquatic figure also know as a shark.

This really sucks because i spend a lot of time and effort creating a 3 inch 3D printed desk figurine of the shark to be placed in my shop. Which was deleted because of a cease and desist.  my store can be found here too

I'm a 3D printing artist that makes his work right here in the old USA. My work is usually political oriented and usually attacks homphobes. (not so profitable)  So i don't have a legal fund or a bunch of fancy lawyers. All i want is to be able to sell my artwork that apparently people seem wanting to buy.

However, i need a lawyer to help me respond and fight this copyright claim. Or even better just get permission to sell it by the Lady that rhymes with Merry.

So Please help me raise money for my legal fund or contact This artist and encourage her to let me sell this figurine. Please be nice i bet she doesn't even know her lawyers are doing this and i bet she doesn't know her lawyers are also representing homophobes in Florida.

Here is a picture of a #drunkshark and thanks for your time. please share and tweet this and help me fight this

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