Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Katy Perry Law Firm responds and so does Political Sculptor lawyer

So Pretty much it took less than 24 hours for Katy Perry's law firm to send a cease and desist and have my design deleted from the page. However, for some reason Katy Perry's lawyers took a much longer to respond to my lawyer  (name has been deleted) response which can be found here. 

Since then i have resumed sale of the left shark at

Anyways I'm posting Katy Perry's Law firm response here and my lawyers response below 

it can be downloaded here

My lawyer's response is here

this letter can be downloaded here

i'm speechless thanks to @proofofuse we found out that Katy Perry's lawyer used an IMAGE of my 3D printed shark in a trademark application for Left Shark.. I'm not joking, this is not an Onion Article.. I already pinched my self and i'm pretty sure is not a dream. here is a screenshot and a link to the trademark application

here is a link to the page

like i said before i'm resuming the sale of this 3D printed full color desk figurine at a different store front along with a couple other characters which include a drunk shark, pink drunk shark, and right shark. Please if you report about this please include a link to my page or


  1. The link to the trademark office said the application is abandoned. Maybe they decided to go with another shark image :)

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  5. However, for some reason Katy Perry's lawyers took a much longer to respond to my lawyer (name has been deleted) response which can be found here.
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