Friday, February 13, 2015

Katy Perry's lawyer is not backing out so i need your help!

Katy Perry's lawyer is not backing out so i need your help!.

Hi Guys Katy Perry's Law Firm seem to be determine to come after this ONE person Small business. My Lawyer Responded to GreenbergTraurig's nastygram monday Feb 9th. But they didn't back off and instead threatened me even further.

Thankfully my lawyer also responded but this might go to trial. Something I was hoping wouldn't happen. I can't afford to fight a multimillion dollar firm not in a million years. My hope was that Katy Perry would back off or grant me permission so I wouldn't need this legal fund. Which is why i haven't been pushing this legal fund very much. However, that hope is quickly vanishing. So please Share, Tweet, and snail mail this to your grandma. I really need your help on this one. You can See Katy Perry's lawyer response to  (name has been deleted) my lawyer. Also You can see my lawyer's second response to GreenbergTraurig's letter below

and here is the link to my GoFundme campaign

(why didn't we think of doing this wonder Dictators around the world)

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