Monday, February 9, 2015

Media coverage

So I been creating Political sculpture and other stuff since i got famous with my 3D Printed Chris Christie and my Putin Butt Plug. It's pretty obvious i make stuff to poke fun at dictators and politicians who use homophobia to stay or gain power. I have done many satirical pieces attacking famous and no so famous people around the world.

In return many who find my work enjoyable have featured my work in TV shows like HardBall Chris Mathews in MSNBC and the Late night show with Seth Meyers. However most of the attention to my work has been abroad in shows like Howard Russell TV show, Paul Henry show or a funny French TV show Le Grand Journal . Anyways i think i pretty much established that my work is satirical in nature and sometimes offensive if you are a Putin or Kim Jong Un supporter who likes to send death treats.

It's cool i know my work is not going to slide easily if you are a dictator who depends on its reputation build from propaganda to stay in power. I know the dangers of going after these kind of people but this is freaking America!! You might not like my work but i have every right to say what i like to say without people, politicians or dictators being able to stop me.

However, after going after Putin and the homophobic axis of evil gets a little old sometimes.. Sometimes i just want to 3D model an iphone case.. maybe a blue meth throne to keep my iphone on.. and lately had the urge to make fun of the the NFL deflategate scandal.

So after years of going after dictator like Putin i finally meet the subject that has taken me down.. or at least that has a lawyer and made take down one of my pieces. Here you can see him before it was taken down along with my other pieces right below him and a huge link to my page

Press coverage

Just a couple of links to media outlets that have been discussing my 3D printed left shark

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  1. Nice figures, let us buy a 3D printer then let us print some political figures!