Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump Punching Bag at Clermont Lake Minneola Half Marathon and Destruction of private property

So i was doing what i always do when my wife runs her Half and full marathons... I was cheering for her and other passing runners.

Recently i have stepped up my cheering by bringing my Donald Trump Punching Bag along and having Runner take a power punch.

So far i have brought this Punching bag to the New york Marathon where Alicia keys mentioned it in an interview. The Miami Full marathon, the Ormond Beach full marathon and the Clermont Half Marathon.

New York, Miami went great.. thousands of people punched the Trump punching bag.. In Miami three adults punched it so hard and all at the same time that they puncture it!..

Anyways at Lake Minneola is where things got interesting. I decided against carrying the bag around and instead decided to fill it up the weight section and let the self standing mechanism do it's work. This way i would be able to record people punching it so i can use the video for promotional purposes. Since i'm in florida and surrounded by trailer trash and people stupid enough to vote for Rick Scott i keep my $59.99 Trump punching bag close.

At my 3rd stop i was located by mile 7 and 11 (it was a loop race).. After giving my wife a kiss someone asked me to take a picture of her at mile 7 marker and one with my punching bag. While I was distracted taking a picture of a happy runner i saw someone in an orange shirt and a 411 bib number approach my punching bag. This Trump Supporter grabbed my punching bag and launched into this area full of bushes, laughed and keep on running.

At this point i grabbed my camera to follow him to record his bib number, face and other identifying features since he just damaged my personal Property. Not sure why he believed it was ok to grab my property without permission and damage it because he didn't like my point of view and didn't appreciate my freedom of speech.

Here is the video of the race and screenshots of the guy.

you can see videos of me at the New York City Marathon


  1. I dislike Trump and my husband Adam..Apparently some people think his frat boy swagger is exactly what America needs in a leader, causing him to think running for president is a good idea. Although not surprisingly, he rubs some people the wrong way.

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